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Blossom mirage: a ski created for you!

Unique innovation, elegance and technology for our clients


At Peak Sport Adventure, our rental shop in Canazei, the most well-known brands have always been available: from Atomic to Salomon, Rossignol, Head, Völkl, Kessler and Stöckli. These important producers have the entire selection of skis in their catalogue, from the basic skis to the high-end skis for the more demanding skiers.

The top models of these brands are of undeniable quality. The quality of the materials, the structure and the stability does however not respond to the needs of the less expert or less trained skiers.


In order to improve our service, we have always asked our clients, at the end of their skiing day, what they thought about the ski model they rented. That way we found out that, although they had used top-of-the-line skis, most of the guests were very tired and sentences like the following were frequent:

“The day was fine but I am very tired.”

“We can’t wait to relax in the wellness centre of our hotel.”

“Can I change the ski with a more easy-to-use model?”

“I like the ski but is it possible to have a less heavy model?”


These answers made us think. Most of our guests ski a couple of times every year and are therefore not well-trained, and that means that also a top-of-the-line ski is “tiring” to handle on the slopes. None of the famous brands have included a ski model in their catalogues for that category of clients, that is to say for less expert skiers that still want all the features of a top-of-the-line model.


Many of our clients need a ski with excellent stability in speed, not to heavy, elastic and easy to use, to be able to enjoy a day on the slopes without feeling worn out at the end of the day.


This is the reason behind our project MIRAGE – PEAK SPORT ADVENTURE – BLOSSOM.


The first versions of the Mirage ski were created in December 2019 by the Italian company Blossom, according to the specifics given by Peak Sport Adventure. The specifics included all the directions, proposals and wishes expressed by our clients, when asked how their perfect ski should be.


It immediately became a great success!


Almost all clients who rented the Mirage skis were completely satisfied by the choice and slid down snowy slopes on skis with superior performance, created with a wooden structure and double titanium plates. Mirage are elegant, stable and elastic skis that are fast, but not excessively heavy, and have a medium sidecut (for those who do not know, sidecut is the curved shape on the side of the ski).


Every year, at the end of the season, we take all the feedback gathered from our clients as well as from several ski instructors to the production site of the company Blossom in Val Chiavenna. Together with the production department we work on additional modifications of the Mirage ski in order to create a new model that will be the improved evolution of the previous one.

The Mirage ski, that can be rented at Peak Sport Adventure in Canazei, is the result of a perfect cooperation between our guests, our ski rental shop and the high technology of the company Blossom.

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