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The ski rental of the future

Faster, easier, more accessible and more personalized 


Every year we buy new ski models, boots and many accessories from the best brands, as e.g. Salomon, Atomic, Head, Rossignol, Kessler or Stöckli, in order to always provide our clients with the best ski equipment available on the market.

But is this enough to satisfy our clients at the best?

What makes one ski rental better than the other?

What can make us the best ski rental in Canazei or the best one in Val di Fassa?

That is a question we have asked ourselves since the day we opened Peak Sport Adventure, our ski rental shop in Canazei. Having new ski models, snowboards, boots and accessories available to rent is of course fundamental, but we have long been convinced that this is not enough to satisfy our clients. We believe that it is important to constantly improve the quality of the service we provide.

But what do we mean by quality of a ski rental service?

The answer to this question includes several factors and our clients’ expectations towards our service. During many years we have worked in order to create the best quality in the ski rental service in Canazei and Val di Fassa:

  • We offer reliability and consistent and correct performances.
  • We guarantee a high level of expert knowledge and courtesy on behalf of our staff.
  • We follow principles linked to our company philosophy that aims to obtain our clients’ maximum satisfaction by gathering their proposals and thus improve the service according to their needs.
  • We choose our employees non only for their knowledge but also for their capacity for empathy towards the clients. This is fundamental to ensure individual attention.
  • In conclusion, we really value our ability to react, namely to those things that allow us to offer a fast service, also and especially when we have the highest number of guests.

This year we have introduced several innovations to improve the speed of the ski rental phase. We have changed the entire Check-in process introducing a new Wintersteiger hardware and software. The changes within the shop have allowed us to introduce a new computer workstation in the boot area with a measurement system called Caliper. The Caliper system sends the gathered data to the Sizefit system that is able to perfectly set the ski bindings.

Large displays that are placed close to the ceiling show the waiting list for the completion of the different rental steps in real time (from Check-in to the delivery of the ski), allowing the client to constantly know how much time is left to complete the rental.

Thanks to this innovative ski rental concept, the procedure is fast and highly automated. This allows us to give our clients a standardized and safe service and better support. The client then has to try on the equipment less times and will receive the rented equipment faster.

This is our ski rental of the future.

For further information please visit this page: The ski rental of the future


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