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In our ski rental shop in Canazei we take care of your feet

Qualified professionals provide boots that fit your feet


We participate in the most important bootfitter courses of the Master Fit Univeristy and we are now able to solve almost all problems created by ski boots.
We carry out customizations every day. We also replace boot buckles and heels of the following brands: SalomonAtomicNordica and Rossignol.


At Peak Sport Adventure you can buy ski boots customized by our experts and that way have skis that are prepared specifically for your maximum comfort!


it is possible to customize the shell, the liner and the insole.


Bootfitting service  

Bootfitting service  


he bootfitter’s speciality is to intervene on the boot shell. The reshaping is carried out by grinding or heat-moulding the plastic. Grinding is a process that removes some millimeters plastic from the inside of the shell exactly where we feel pressure. 
Boot punching is a longer and more radical process. It “stretches” the shell in some points by heating the plastic with specific machines and small round metal balls or cylinders that are applied to the area that needs to be stretched. The process is longer because the boot has to be cooled down to keep the new shape. This method is used when grinding is not possible as it would remove too much plastic. If this type of customization is carried out on the boot it is important to remember not to expose the shell to heat, as e.g. radiators, after skiing. The memory of the plastic would reshape the boot again, making it loose the modifications.
Not one single part of our equipment is able to influence our feelings and emotions on the slopes as our boots. For a skier it is not only important to find a boot that fits his or her ability level and is of the right size. It is also necessary to carry out those small modifications that model the boot to make it fit our feet as gloves fit our hands. Finding the right solution allows the skier to improve the performance and quality of the skiing. This way you obtain maximum comfort for your feet.



A liner should respect the anatomy of your foot and satisfy the needs for comfort enabling maximum performance. The solution is the replacement of the existing liner with a custom made injected liner which is created by injecting a polyurethane based foam that fills all the empty spaces around your foot.
The pain you may feel often depends on the very small movements that the foot makes in the liner at every turn which generate small injuries. However, sometimes, some parts of the foot can be larger and actually just need a few millimeters of lining. 




  1. WELL-BEING: Our health depends on that of our feet
  2. SYMPTOMS The most common dysfunctions that are easy to identify
  3. SOLUTIONS: Postural check-ups and customized insoles for your well-being. 

The first thing to do is to intervene on the insoles as this solves many problems. The insoles included in the boots are low quality products (in all brands, without exclusion) and are not able to adapt to your foot. Replacing insoles is often sufficient to avoid cramps of the foot sole that depend on the wrong position of the foot in the boot which causes the muscles to ache. There are different types of insoles, some are formed according to the foot arch and are moulded with the heat of the foot (excellent price/quality ratio), others are custom moulded according to measurements made of your foot (double price but customized).

 Shaped for the health of your feet, insoles allow maximum comfort and better performances as you practice your sport.  Create customized insoles

  • Analysis and measurement of your foot print through a podoscope 
  • Choice of insole according to the type of sport 
  • Heat-moulding of the insole according to the foot print 
  • Adjustment to the chosen footwear 

If you buy your boots at Peak Sport Adventure
the Bootfitting is free of charge



A long experience acquired throughout many years and continuous refresher courses with the best bootfitters from Europe and the US are at the basis of our bootfitting professionalism. When you buy your ski boots at Peak Sport Adventure you will receive a full bootfitting service free of charge through which we will adapt the shell and liner to your feet. We are available during the entire period of your holiday to further modify the boots you bought in our shop until they fit perfectly to your feet and thus providing you the outmost comfort and ensure your wellbeing.

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