Peak Sport Adventure

Rules And Rental Conditions


  1. The renter assumes full responsibility of all the rental Equipment.
  2. The rental Equipment is not secured. Complete risk coverage is available adding 10% of the rental amount. The risk of theft and breakage of the material is 75% paid by the lessor holder.
  3. In case of breakage or theft ,without risk coverage, material in question will be charged to the Renter in accordance with the market value.
  4. In case of theft, the rented is obligated to file a complaint with the police authorities.
  5. In the event of theft or loss of the object with the convection regulatory the renter must pay a a fee of 25% of the market value of the lost object.
  6. In case of improperly treatment and / or vandalism damage to the rented equipment, despite regulatory convention, repairs will be charged to the hirer in accordance with the repair price list in force.
  7. Changing rental is possible during the duration of the contract with materials of different categories and values, and charge the difference in the case of higher category, but no refund in case of lower category.
  8. The material in the rental must be paid up to and including the day of return, if delivered after 9.00 in the morning of the Day after.
  9. If the Equipment is not returned within 7 Days of expiry of the rental period, it 'll be reported to the Police as stolen.
  10. The Equipment may be returned before the end of the rental period. There will be no refunds
  11. Refunds are made only for illness and / or injury by showing a medical certificate.
  12. This rental agreement is valid only after only after payment by credit card or by depositing the sum of the rental equipment and / or a valid identity document for the period of the rental.
  13. This is to inform our renter / customers that the processing of their personal data by the lessor, owner drawing itself, will be in electronic or manual exclusively for the fulfillment of contractual tasks in question and future to comply with the law and the provisions of the legally competent authority, for the keeping of proper accounts and the register of customers. With the acceptance of these general conditions of hire the customer expressly confirms having received the above information and have taken note and then gives her consent, in relation to the purposes contained therein pursuant to article 23 and article. 24 of the Privacy Code, the processing, transmission and dissemination of personal data by the holder in question and / or manager.
  14. The total amount at the time of the mature acceptance of this contract. The service is non-transferable


Let us ask the customer to treat the material in an appropriate manner, thanking the trust and hope you enjoy.