Peak Sport Adventure

For the new ski season 2019/2020 Peak Sport Adventure has further improved the rental process to offer a better ski rental service that is quicker, more comfortable and stress-free. The fun with skiing already begins when you enter our shop.

Did you book Online?  Here comes a quick guide on what to do when you get to our shop.

It will help you to quickly pick up your skis and/or boots



Check In

As soon as you arrive in our shop, go to station No.1, the Check In counter
Here we’ll scan the barcode you received during the end phase of your online booking.

You can let us scan the barcode at the checkout counter or you can do it by yourself with the Check In barcode scanner.

The scanner can read barcodes printed on paper as well as directly on your smartphone.

look at the monitor!

Once the code has been scanned your name will appear on screen No. 2 Ski Boots (if you need boots) and on screen No. 3 Skis/Boards (if you have booked skis). As you’ve booked online you belong to the priority customers and your name will appear on the list with the logo (Online reservation).


At that point you’ll have to keep a eye on your turn on the monitor of the customers that have made an online booking (and that have priority) and we’ll assist you as soon as possible.


When it’s your turn you won’t have to take off your ski boots (whether they are rented or your own). A laser scanner at the adjustment desk will give us the exact dimensions for the setting of the ski binding.

The setting is carried out according to the ISO standards and the data inserted during the booking phase (age, height, weight, skill level).

At that point, the skis that you booked online (and we prepared in advance with labels with your name on) will be immediately set and delivered to you in an organised manner.