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Blossom mirage: a ski created for you!

Unique innovation, elegance and technology for our clients

Many of our clients need a ski with excellent stability in speed, not to heavy, elastic and easy to use, to be able to enjoy a day on the slopes without feeling worn out at the end of the day.

This is the reason behind our project MIRAGE – PEAK SPORT ADVENTURE – BLOSSOM.

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The ski rental of the future

Faster, easier, more accessible and more personalized

This year we have introduced several innovations to improve the speed of the ski rental phase. We have changed the entire Check-in process introducing a new Wintersteiger hardware and software. 

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Peak Sport Adventure specialiseert zich nog verder in Bootfitting-technieken

Masteropleiding in Bootfitting en uitlijning van de Masterfit Universiteit

Peak Sport Adventure specialiseert zich nog verder in Bootfitting technieken door deel te nemen aan de cursus “Master in Bootfitting en uitlijning” van de Masterfit University. Dankzij de lessen van de gediplomeerde instructeurs waaronder bootfitting-goeroe Mark Elling, is Peak Sport Adventure nu in staat om haar klanten de best passende en meest geschikte skischoenen voor hun voeten aan te bieden voor een perfecte ervaring op de skipistes.

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